The quest for a new name, pt. 2

By Serdar Yegulalp | 2016/06/27 17:00

Despite liking the name Broadside as a possible replacement for MeTal (see the previous post), I thought some further investigation would be worthwhile.

One of the other names I came up with was Nikki ("Nicky") - the Japanese word for "diary" or "day journal". I thought this might actually be better for a blog theme than for the name of the app itself, but it's another possibility.

Some other names that I jotted down:

One of the attributes of MeTal that I wanted to call attention to with some of these names was that it's designed for teams of people as much as it is for individual users. Hence the multiple permissions -- editor, author, designer, etc. And, likewise, hence some of the names I chose -- Newsroom, Columnist, CopyDesk, etc.

Tags: nomenclature

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